Sunday, August 17, 2014

The professional Series Snow Machine Snowmasters evaporative T 1000 and the T 1100, Make sure you know how much or how little the machine you rent sprays falling snow.

The T 1000 snow machine is the # 1 rented snow machine for 10 years in a row!!
 Best used with a grouping of Evaporative snow machines together every 15 feet apart. Renting one or two machines overhead for an entrance outdoors or can use effect stand-alone with effect fan. Example one or a grouping of two analog T 1000 fake snow machines, like theme (Disney Main Street USA) parks configuration 2000- 2009. Covers 300 square feet indoors and up to 1000 square feet outdoors. Our Choice for outdoor displays as it's the same time proven machine Disney uses. Output of The T-1000 is 15,000 Flakes or bubble clusters per minute. Our T 1000's can be supplied with on board heater to withstand temperatures into the teens or 17% F. Limited numbers of these low temp machines. Machines noise level are at 78 DB's at 10ft Output. When in use, the machine makes a noise comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner in the next room.

We work for Disney and will create the same for you.

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