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Theme parks is not using an Antari low end snow machine NO... They're using a High Performance Snowmasters Professional Models snow machines with True Evaporative snow machines and fluid to gain The professional results

Theme parks is not using an Antari  snow machine NO  They using  a High Performance Snowmasters Professional Models snow machines with True Evaporative snow machines and fluid

Theme Parks Results is not from using Antari low end snow machines, you don't find Antari Lights at a KISS concert, they don't use Antari smoke machines at Rock Concerts and they Antari had its place in consumer Theatrical gear.  If they cost a few hundred dollars their a reason, use the best for the best results. 

You  will only get these results with Snowmasters high-end brand snow machines

 One T 1000 Snowmasters snow machine
 Only the high end machines get the best results, while you can save 150.00 dollars your not getting the best snow results, you not professional strength.

Snowmasters Professional Snow Machines!1

A T 1000 robust snow machine

While our competitors are still pushing the 1st generation, antiquated models and claiming that they are good for all applications, we are offering you choices and solutions to fit of your exact needs. Instead of forcing a client to cope with one model and making his event work around its capacities, we tailor the capacities to the event. We understand that each client seeks to provide a unique snow experience — only through our varied line of Snowmasters Snow Machines, SNOWboy, Universal Effects, do you have choices and this can be truly achieved. We have have 8 machine options and models.
Make sure you're comparing machine and fluid equally. Apples to apples so to speak, top professional machine to consumer machines.
Evaporating snow fluid or snow juice that evaporates after floating for 30 feet, 50 or 70 feet
Our Eco Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting. Snow will be economical by virtue of price being thicker, whiter and longer lasting. Makes a superior looking flake without the smaller 1/6 -1/8 sizes. Dry and fluffy! No-slip formula. Not harmful to plants, skin or eyes. An extremely dry flakes after its floats over long distances. Water content evaporates leaving a beautiful falling flake that is dry when you touch it and disappears after contact without residue or mess. Our Evaporating Snow fluid is timely as it drys out in time instead of feet, 30 -90 seconds.
There are many fluids on the market, this can be confusing as some the snow fluid can be wetter and takes minutes before it disappears like magic. Use the Machine that the Theme Parks use and don't be bait and switch with prices.
All Snow machines snow, like anything else in this world there’s different grades or levels of machinery. You want to drive a KIA or BMW? 86 or 92 octane?
The eco snow fluid is available from us; we have the best eco fluid and the evaporating fluid
Beware of the cheap machines and fluid used by other companies. Why pay the same price for a low performance snow shoot when you can hire the same crew that services the theme parks and same machines used by DISNEY and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SEA WORLD, PARAMOUNT STUDIOS at your event. With one of our machines, the other COMPANIES need four consumer machines.
Identifying a consumer brand machine look at the snow in the air, if you see very large pieces of flying foam and very empty spaces right in the same space it's a consumer snow machine. These machines have a great tendency to produce larger agglomerates, which in turn lead to excessive moisture buildup in the surrounding area while the larger flakes looking more like soap suds falling. For those who need a consumer machine we do rent the Little Blizzard Model
snow storm
This OmniSistem Snow 1000 Consumer Snow Machine sprayed the below results

 Antari S 100 snow machine  (below) as its  no T 1000 made by snow masters by no means.

A Antari is a consumer model, not a professional. It can't be left out in the rain and weather even. 
Disney California hired a ex Antari Tech as the Crew chief of the Snow Effects a few years ago, he  got rid of the life warranty of snowmasters machines being  10 years in service. These were replaced with Antari's snow machines  like seen above. They stopped working in months because they were in the elements. They gave an awful snow and were replaced the next year with a 130K of snowmasters T 1500's. Snow resorted back to a great looking snow fall. 

Just for the facts of the matter

As far as saying  a  "full service special effects company"
Full Service Special effects companies, should be able to offer all the following;
Propane Flames
Snow FX
Wind Effects
Water FX
Confetti Effects
Smoke FX
Low Lying Fog
Bubbles FX
Foam - Flying Foam
Snowcel Flocking

Just one category  such as snow is not a full service  special effects company, that would be a Snow Effects Company. 

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