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T 1000 Evaporative snow machines snowmasters professional brand by effectspecialist.com


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T - 1000 evaporative snow machine

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Our Complete Series of Snow Machines Quick Reference Guide
The T - 1000 evaporative snow machine was the Flag Ship snow machine for disney for 10 years and they built the snow fall reputation on this machine. A great volume of snow that is perfect for rooftops as it drops down and covers 800 sq ft outdoors witha breeze. We have more of these machine than any other as we high recommend these and they are work horses.
T - 1000 evaporative snow machine  snow installed at disneyt 1000 snow machines installed at disney
T 1000 installed at disney

Disney T 1000 snow machine Placement 2000 - 2008 of T-1000's snow machines. They had 72 T 1000's on mainstreet
An Elf's Story World Premiere: T - 1000 evaporative snow machine  The Fox Theatre
Let our Special Effects Designer help you make your event a unforgettable snow display, we have all brand of Professional Snow Machines. We are not a manufacturer of FX machines, we are a service base business able to spend 100% of our time focused on your event. Yes Food and Drink can be severed no problem.
T - 1000 evaporative snow machine Ybor City snow machine event
Our Fleet T 1000's Evaporative Snow® Machine are all performance enhanced and stock snow machines from the factory will perform different than our enhanced snow machines. Our service of tweaking the performance of snow machines as used Theme Parks such as Disney to obtain a unique result in magical looking falling snow. We call this the Disney Look. These improvement will save on fluid as well. The Results will provide smaller flakes at max volume as well as more volume in the air.
Our Snow Machine Rental Series of Options used By Disney - Hollywood Studios - Magic Kingdom - Cruise Ships - Blizzard Beach, Universal Studios, Legoland, Busch Gardens, Sea World. Our Snow fluid is approved by all Theme Parks as well.
The Snow Machine Options and distance coverage
The Snow Machine Options and distance coverage
Professional Series of Snow Machines
Snowmen fake snow machineT 1000 fake snow machine rental max fake Snow machine T 1500 rentalT 1500 minifake Snow machine mini T 1500 rentals fake T 1600 Silent snow machine rentals snowmasters T 1100  fake snow machine rentals T 5000 snowmasters  fake snow machine rentalssub zero fake snow machinelampost snow machine
For do it yourself rental, malls, Home - Business corporate parties, theaters, stage, city tree lighting, Santa arrival our Snowmasters line of Professional Snow Machines
Professional Series Refined Evaporative Snow Machines
Professional series is a refined evaporative dry snow spray technology good for all applications indoor and outdoors with economical fluid consumption. These machine produces the driest fake snow in the industry. Can be used by anyone.

Rental Option in the Professional Series is a T-1000 Mobility Fake Snow Machine;
fake snow machine
The # 1 rented snow machine for 10 years in a row!!
T - 1000 evaporative snow machine  Snow machine on lamppost
The ONLY weather proof snow machine!
T - 1000 evaporative snow machine T - 1000 evaporative snow machine

Results are Known and seen WorldwideT - 1000 evaporative snow machine <empty>
T 1000
T - 1000 evaporative snow machine  fake snow machines made with winter wonderland  mount on lampposts

Best used with a grouping of Evaporative snow machines together every 15 feet apart. Renting one or two machines overhead for an entrance outdoors or can use effect stand-alone with effect fan. Example one or a grouping of two analog T 1000 fake snow machines, like theme (Disney Main Street USA) parks configuration 2000- 2009. Covers 300 square feet indoors and up to 1000 square feet outdoors. Our Choice for outdoor displays as it's the same time proven machine Disney uses. Output of The T-1000 is 15,000 Flakes or bubble clusters per minute. Our T 1000's can be supplied with on board heater to withstand temperatures into the teens or 17% F. Limited numbers of these low temp machines. Machines noise level are at 78 DB's at 10ft Output. When in use, the machine makes a noise comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner in the next room.
T 1000 Fake snow machines on a roof top
T 1000 snow machines installed at Disney
fake snow T - 1000 evaporative snow machine
T - 1000 evaporative snow machine  on lamppost
T - 1000 evaporative snow machine  fake snow machine event

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