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Snow Machine Setup and Placement for renting a fake snow machine

Snow Machine Setup and Placement
Snow Machine Systems are not created equal when comparing snow machine models & brands when on the job site. Each machine has its place for the job you need them to do. Here are examples of snow machines setup and placement in the field.
T 1500 max Snow machine  rental
Snow Zone are formed by place a number of Professional series snow machines is a planned pattern considering many factor.
mercedes benz show T 1500 snow machine
Zigmont Magic F/X Inc. provide the Mercedes-Benz National Dealer 2014 Mercedes-Benz National Dealer Meeting in Alabama, for the Sprinter Meeting rollout a room full of Snow Effects. The audience was treated with a room filling snow effect.
Snow requires practice and knowledge of what snow machine equipment models and brands is out there and available. The use of fans and grouping machines is the basic secret.
The T 1500 has a snow machine built into a fan. My experience tells me strategic placement of 8 machines and wind fans along with the days wind currents and moving machines during the event would be better than 16 machines. Best placed in grid pattern with snow machines on each side.
This will give you the coverage depending on the air flow. Since this is an outside event wind will be a factor. If the wind is blowing in the direction that the machines are pointing then it will help the distance that the machines covers. If the wind is working against the snowmachines then you might not get the expected coverage.
special effects snow falling blizzard
Zigmont Magic FX - Effect Specialist® Provide's Professional Results ...Worldwide! @813.689.6269
You need to understand what snow machine your using and if that system is Right Set Up for you and your Venue. The systems to select from are The Professional Series, The Commercial Series, The Studio Series and the Consumer Series of snow machines. The differences are how real the snow looks, how wet or dry it is, and how much volume and distance it travels which can vary. Some companies never tell you what brand they are using, some only use one brand forcing that model to the job.
It is very difficult to compare identically priced snow events from different sources as snow machines all do the same basic function, make millions of cluster of bubbles at an event, with snowmasters machines that's 10's of thousands of bubbles (per machine) per minute other consumer brands have much less output per minute and much larger less realistic looking snowflakes. While some snow machines look alike and they all have a basic design of operation which is pumping fluid and blowing and spraying fake snowflakes. But when renting snow machines, the machines are not made equal in performance and features, they don't all have the same standards of excellence from one machine to another.
Knowing the snow machine Brand and Model is knowing the results.
T 1000 fake snow machines
A snow globe effect with our Professional series snow machines in a city park, Let us Help You with a With Christmas Theme
.Look at the Systems we offer installed in many application. We have 16 different machines that we apply to the many places snow machines have been installed in the past. One System doesn't work for every application. System are not equal in that way. One T 1500 Max Professional Series snow machines can take the place in some venues of 3 - 4 T 1000's and one of our Commercial Series machines can take the place of 3 - 4 T- 1500's. Look at the many ways we install snow machine. What can we do for you? 813.689.6269
T-1500 Professional Series System Installed on the Ground
T -1600's Professional Series System Installed on a Catwalk at an Arena & at Sea World TX
T -1000's Professional Series System Installed on a Tree T Pipe at Disney
T-1000 Professional Series System Installed at a Malls Park Square
Professional Series System Installed at Disney
Universal Studios Harry Potter Attraction with a Professional T - 1100 Series Snow Machines, a custom Rotator and Pumping System
Professional Series System Installed on Lamp posts
Professional Series System Installed on Free Standing Truss on Tripods
T -1500 Snow Machines at The Hard Rock Casino Vegas in The Rehab Pool Stage.
Professional Series Snow Machines installed on Roof-top
Professional Series System Installed on High Truss
A T 5000 Snow machine in a Ballroom on lighting truss
Professional Series Snow Machines installed at a Ice Skating Rink
Understanding How Our Snowmasters Snow Machines- Snow Falls and Spreads Charts
How Many Machines - Electric Power - Use Fans
Look at what Our Commercial Series Snow machine can do!
If you ever desired a white snow scene such as winter wonderland for a white wedding theme, a Christmas party with falling snow at the walk in entrance, a towns holiday event with a blizzard in the city park, flurries for a downtown city block, perhaps snow filling an entire ballroom for a corporate holiday party or snow over a dance floor. We can help you make it happen with America's best snow machine services and rentals that can create the most amazing, realistic effect of falling snow anywhere. We are the most experienced special effects company to provide snow machine effects and snow machine rentals from City Parks to Malls Properties, Hotel Ballrooms to Christmas Celebrations and Movie Studios. Prepare for your Christmas productions and events early to miss disappointment.
A Yacht Club Called "The Field Club" Sarasota FL Christmas Event, one T 1500 Mini We can help you create a winter white snow scene any time of the year with the most realistic artificial falling snow available. We can rent you a snow machine or give you service nationwide or travel worldwide to make your event or special occasion unique and one to remember. From white weddings, Disney cruise ships, hotels, casinos, department stores, malls, theme parks, sporting events, trade shows, TV to film productions – our special effects snow machine rentals and services are used Nationwide.
Russian Embassy 2010 Gala Washington DC, roof top view.
We can supply snow in the air or snow decor on the ground, call us at 813 689 6269 or e mail us at
How to Rent Snow Machines 101
Don't think All Snow Generating Systems Are Created Equal
The Ways of Installing Snow Machines Systems
Understanding Snow Coverage
If It's Not Snowmasters Machines, It's Not the Professional Series of Snow Machines
Zigmont Magic FX uses state of the art Snowmasters machine technology, professional machine are the Snowmasters brand. Some companies use the cheaper consumer show machines that's still on the market and uses a huge amount of them. Our machines out perform 4-1+ to these consumer machines. Our machines are the same snow machines used by world-renowned Events and Theme Parks Movie Studios.
More than likely your paying the same for the snow machine rentals why not have the best snow machine? You may not be able to know the difference until you see the snowmasters snow flake clusters with high volume snow, consistently of flake sizes plus long range (35-100 foot from 30 ft high) distance the snow can travel. The main factor is how the snow evaporates. Our system of Evaporative Snow ® Patented Technology Fluid (FAQ) evaporates snow in 30 - 90 seconds. Mix with ground flocking you'll have a white Christmas scene.

We are Tampa - Orlando - Miami Florida and Southeastern US Based Snow Effect Specialist since 1994, with over a 100 Snowmasters snow machines in rental inventory. We rent snow machines and offer full service for events and also a Snowmasters dealer in selling snow machines. Magic FX specializing in Fake Evaporating Snow ™ Machines Services for any Event nationwide with artificial our full line of falling snow flake machine rentals and simulated special effects ground snow decor. Magic FX leads the industry by providing 100% free 24/7 product tech 813.689.6269 support to all its rental customers.

T-1500 Professional Series System Installed on the Ground
fake snow falls on a city event
A Snow Storm Blizzard A City Block in these 3 photos
City Holiday Parade Day
T 1500 Positioned On The Ground shooting Up, For The City of Tavares Florida Christmas Event
Our Snow Event
Our special effect snow can simulate an all out blizzard scene in the middle of July or a snowstorm flurry for a winter wonderland indoor ballroom party in December. Our snow event services can provide snow from Florida to California with snow for the holidays; we can use several combinations of our evaporating snow machines and wind machines to make that big visual impact happen at any location with True Evaporative (dry) Snow Technology.
Our snow fall events are beautiful to experience and entertaining for all of the participants.
Not only will our snow display draw patrons to your location, it's a magnet for the local press.
Looking for a special visual ...something different, that TV stations will really focus on to show your presence? Snow is the answer. It works for Disney for many years.
Snow Machine Falling at Residential Homes.
fake snow machines
Service is the key and our technicians will expertly install, and show you how to operate and maintain our snow machines and effect fans creating large-scale indoor and outdoor snow display.
We are your best choice for nightly snow flurries; you can book us for a one-day event, over a weekend, or a month run of nightly snow falling.
T -1600's Professional Series System Installed on a Catwalk
snowing a arena with fake snow machines
Professional Series T - 1500's installed on the Catwalk at an arena.
Professional Series T - 1600's installed on the Catwalk at Seaworld Texas and running DMX for a shed show called Sesame Street Christmas show.
Zigmont Magic FX Inc 813 689 6269
Rent and use the machine all the theme park use and Disney Snowmasters!
 Snow Machine Renting and User Guide 101
Snow Machine Rental Pricing Cut Sheet 2012 PDF
Snow Producing Device The Magic Lamp ™Snow Machine AKA Street Lamp Snow Machine
Snow Machine(s) Rental Agreement, Order Form, Shipping Confirmation and Waiver of Technician Forms 2012
T -1000's Professional Series System Installed on a Tree T Pipe at Disney
Results are Known and seen Worldwide
Our Falling Snow Machine System is the Benchmark for Snow Generating Systems
For those who want the very best realistic simulated snow flakes, falling and blowing snow, allow Magic F/X to custom design an installation of our superior high volume machines that’s right for your location. Our system uses Patented Technology devices and fluid for realistic simulated snowflakes for snowfall events both indoor and outdoor. We can use our fake snow machine system to simulates Flurries to large scale falling and blowing snow that can be placed on free standing tripods, trusses, roofs, awning, batons, balconies, or a catwalk. Our snow falls on cue and dissolves on contact, leaving no residue spots with absolutely no clean up.
We have the safest and most realistic snowfall effects available on the market. With no clean up.
America's Finest Snow Events can provide full service snow events or snow machine rentals
America's Finest Snow machines featuring our High Range - High Volume Artificial Snow Machines which Evaporates Within 30- 90 Seconds Of Air Time. Allow the # 1 number installer and rental house of snow falling events plan the logistics and execute your project. We maintain the highest industry standards and use the latest state of the art equipment. We have 8 snow machine options. We use the latest developed Evaporative Snow® machines.
We are often hired after a client has rented or bought one of the cheap, consumer grade commercially available inferior fake snow machines. These other snow machines have a great tendency to produce larger agglomerates, which in turn lead to excessive moisture buildup in the surrounding area while the larger flakes looking more like soap suds falling. Plus they don't get much distance.
The final result with OUR system is a great output spray of evaporative dry snow that creates an artificial snowfall that is truly free from wet residue of any type. The illusionary snow that is produced ranges from a gentle cloud of snow in a wide horizontal area to a blizzard snow covering a large area. The individualized smaller flakes that we provide is a cloud of gently falling snow that is truly more realistic than anything currently available.
The dry test - place your hand in front of the snow output spray and let it build up on your hand then rub your hands together for a few seconds and you will find that the snow has disappeared and your hands will be dry.
Our system will allows us to be flexible and creative. With a combo of a snow machine and special effects fan we can produce a shower of dry falling "soft fluffy snowflakes" which evaporate on contact and covering a 40' x 80' area with just one grouping of machine-fan combo.
Installing the snow machines is easily done on outside rooftops, balconies, ledges, or second floor levels on the inside. Simply add the lighting of the snow and it's perfect.
We will select the right choice of machines for your location. We have machine packages for all budgets.
T-1000 Professional Series System Installed at a Malls Park Square
snow in altanta station town square
effect specialist designed and provides the snow machine effects for atlantic Station yearly snow event
We have designed and provided the Falling Snow Machines Event at Atlantic Station GA.
snow machines at an event
Mall Property's Above The Block at Orange Mall CA and below Atlantic Station GA
snow machines for concerts
We recently provided snow for recording artist Shawn Mullins and The Make a Wish Foundation at Atlantic Station Tree lighting live TV. Shawn is singing Let it snow.
The Ways of Installing Snow Machines Systems
Classic Ballroom Set Up
Dance Floor Set Up
Corporate Industrial Set Up
We can place machines on Lamp posts, awnings, rooftops, trees, trussing, steel beams, hand railing, tripods, scissor lifts, a 2" T- pole and base and on ground (floors level) based snow machines. With no worries about rain or weather elements, no pulling machines nightly, no ugly rubber mate totes over the machines and no box housings will have to be made.
We can implement snow machines in many different applications due to the many options of machines.
Our options of different professional grade snow machines are not equal to any non Snowmasters Brand machines for fast drying evaporating snow machines. We have many snow systems models and ways of installing snow machines and making a group of snow machines work as a unit. We automate our snow machines events to go on and off and they are designed to be in the weather elements. The following is examples of installed machines. We have dozens of ways to install and hang, place or fit snow machines.
This TV commercial used 10 T-1500 max, 8 t-1500 mini, and 4 T-1600, It was a complicated set up in the street plaza. Snow starts at 1:55.
Providing Fake Snow in the Air, We are Often Imitated, But Never Duplicated!
Professional Series Snow Machine Systems Installed at Disney
We recently had our machines at Disney World Theme Park doing a Snow Machine demo for new larger machines (replacements) for Main Street USA Christmas season 2009 snowfall. They are going to use 28 T 1500's. Here a roof top install in the middle of the night, you can seen and hear vendors and workers cleaning and fixing the park as we perform our demo for the special effects dept. and show producer.
disney snow machine snopwmasters T 1100
Disney Theme Park have two T 1100's on a T - Crossbar with weather covers installed. This style install will provide a great amount of snow. These machines should not be compared to the arctic snow machine which for whatever reason has a look-a-like snowmasters logo. But the T 1100 performs like no other machine and the arctic snow machine is out of the T 1100 class of machine. Disney can use whatever they want and they choose Snowmasters T 1100 and T 1500 machines. Snowmasters the Theme Park industry standard.
1 500 on disney roof demo
Disney Main Street USA Snow test and Demo Video for One Machine
T 1000 Fake snow machines on a roof topsnow machines for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
Snow machines in a dog house on a MGM roof, the intake on these T 1000's are under the machines. So the machines can take the full air in-take and not effect each other. Other brands of snow machines have top and side intakes won't work in this configuration. The T 1500's on Main Street USA Roof Tops.
Disney roof top snow machines
Disney MGM Studios Dog Boxes which holds the snow machines for our test we used the ledge.
Disney T 1500 fake snow machines at main street USA  Mifake snow machines at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
Snow Machine Roof top Install at Disney, its in its pulled back postion for daylight.
Roof top snow spray needs to be directed going with the wind or machines on both side of the street. They need to be aim up and over walls and angled downward. You can lose 30% of the snow with wind updraft. It has to have good lighting.
Disney snow machine roof top
T 1500 snowmaster snow machines at disneyfake snow machines on disney roof tops
Machines on Disney Roofs, Disney hides the snow source to make the snow magical.
snow machine on disney roof
Professional Series System Installed Set up on Disney Rooftops
fake snow machines  blowing
Here is a roof top configuration with 4 T-1000's on a box truss T with 8 Par 64 1000 watts all angled downward.
Disney Mickey JR one T 1500 max
The many ways we can install our snow machines systems that can be at your event. Look over the many was in the past snow systems are installed.
Universal Studios Harry Potter Attraction with a Professional T - 1100 Series Snow Machines, a custom Rotator and Pumping System
fake snow machines at theme park installfake snow machine at theme park install
Universal Studio Harry Potter Install of Snow Machines
Universal Studio Harry Potter Install of Snow Machines.
Universal Studio Harry Potter Install of Snow Machines
Your looking at machines backstage at a theme park.
Universal Studio Harry Potter Install of Snow Machines
The snow machines Cutout looking into the Black Arts Cue Line Room.
auto refill for theme park Universal studios Harry Potter
Snow fluid Auto Refill Pumping Station at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.
We have pumping stations that can draw fluid from a 55 gallon drum over 300 feet to the snow machines. We have systems at major Theme Parks as seen here to supply three snow machines below at a theme park.
We have custom brackets for Lampposts or trees or tripods for free standing operation.
Snow Machines on Roof Tops
Professional Series System Installed on Lamp posts
Snow machine on lamppost
The ONLY weather proof snow machine!
The design of our snow machines allows weather covers, as the air intake on the bottom or rear of the snow machine allows the the machine to be covered and can be left in the elements. Any other brand if enclosed will over heat and produce less snow.
Professional Series System Installed and Attached to Trees
snow machines installed on treessnow machines install on trees
High volume localized machine with fan option on roof top and hidden in a tree. With many different machines for indoor and outdoor applications. Our weather proof machines that can stay in place the entire run. No other system is made to be outdoors problem free. Don't settle for Rubber maid storage containers placed upside down for weather proofing, that not a professional look nor is it weather proof. We can install on a lamppost totally weather proof. Our professional grade machines can run continuous 12 hour days if needed.
Professional Series System Installed on Free Standing, on Tripods Truss
Fake snow machines of  tripods and truss
On tripod truss
Snow machines on trussMagic FX special effect snow machines
The gear can be hung on a truss for indoor snow shows or outdoor shows events.

snow machines positions
T 1500 snow machine on trussT 1500 snow machines
T -1500 Snow Machines at The Hard Rock Casino Vegas in The Rehab Pool Stage
T 1500 mini on speakers
T 1500 Snow Machine on a Speaker
fake snow machines
T 1500 Snow Machines at The Hard Rock Casino Vegas in The Rehab Pool Stage.
T 1500 max Snow machine  rental
T 1500 max Snow machine installed as seen in photo above.
Professional Series Snow Machines installed on Roof-top
T 1500 on a malls roof
High Volume/High Output Snow Machine Fan combo on roof-top.
T 1000 fake snow machine with a blower an d 5 gal pail of fluid
Snow machines on roof tops and the results of the machines spraying.
Professional Series Snow Machines installed on the Ground
fake snow machine
T 1500 mini on a speaker and a T 1500 max one in a flower bed.
snow machines on trusssnow machines at the gaylord National resort
Above left is Our Snow Zone Machine On a Stick of 20 foot truss at The Gaylord national resort and below is 2009 were we used the main 120 ft Truss.
Professional Series System Installed on High Truss
T 1500 snow machine on dead hung trusst 1500 max snow machine on dead hung truss
T 1500 snow machines dead hung on truss off house steel
A 12 machine install with timers and 5 gal pail mounts which is covers a 120 ft x 50ft space (6000 Sq Ft).
T 1500 on truss6 T 1500  at 50 ft and 120 ft long
Two T 1500 power house snow machines used on a truss at the Gaylord National Resort. The truss is 50 foot high and the 6 T 1500 snow machines are covering 120 ft long.
Snow machines seen at Hard Rock Vegas on Truss
snow machines on truss
10 snow machines on a 90 foot truss at 55 foot trim ay the Gaylord National Harbor Resort where we have been providing snow machines the last 4 years.
snow machines on truss at Gaylord resort
A T 1500 on a T pole Extension with a 5 gal pail of snow fluid on a pail holder mount.
T 1500 snowmasters snow machine on a drop down T
A 12 machine install with timers and 5 gal pail mounts which is covers a 120 ft x 50ft space (6000 Sq Ft).
12 snow machines installed at Gaylord nation Habor resort
snow machines on truss in thegaylord national Harbor resort
A custom made T 1500 mini called the Director Fan on a cherry pick for a TV shoot on a Back-lot Movie Studio. Other companies would use 4-5 machines and still not get these results.
A T 5000 Snow machine in a Ballroom on lighting truss.
T 5000  fake snow machine
Professional Series Snow Machines installed over a Doorway
fake snow machines over door wayfake snow machines  set up
Set up at for Snow at The Florida Aquarium Tampa over a doorway (10ft) with T 1000 and blowers. A 5 Gallon snow fluid pail hangs on the side. Snow fills the courtyard for children to play each day for 20 minutes all of December.
snow fluid supply hanging next to machine
Professional Series Snow Machines installed at a Ice Skating Rink
T 1500 filling the ice rink at a mall with fake snow blizzard
snow machine install
Skating Rink Install with a auto refill system
snow over ice skating rinkeZigmont installing a T 1500 and auto refill system
Here we are installing a T-1500 in an ice rink.
roof top snowholiday tree lighting snow event
Music video by Justin Bieber performing Mistletoe setMusic video by Justin Bieber performing Mistletoe set
A T - 1500 on the set of Music video by Justin Bieber performing Mistletoe. Units on rooftops will provide the best coverage; one machine will cover up to 1000 square feet outdoors. We recommend placing machines every 10-30 feet. The system can go on ground based truss or tripods lifts set at the correct height.
Indoor Snowfall Event Video
Outdoor Falling Snow Event Video
Snowfall Event in a Nightclub Video
Snow Flurries to Blizzard Snowstorms
Falling snow providied by Zigmont Magic FX
More snow than you can imagine at the City Of Tampa Tree Lighting festival 2006- 2007- 2008.
We can obtain a unbelievable snowfall or snowstorm with blowing blizzard storm effect going long distances from heights of 14 feet above the ground. The different colors show the different machine options.
Snow machines produce a “cone” of snow which is smallest near the machine and disperses as you get further away creating a “curtain effect” Our snow units archives distances of 25 - 80 feet indoors at a 30 foot height, while with outdoors winds going further. We can increase the distances and direction of the overall effected area through the use of judiciously place effect fans in combination of grouping our high output high - volume machines.
Understanding How Our Snowmasters Snow Machines- Snow Falls and Spreads Charts
fake snow machine long distance  chartfake snow machine long distance  chart
This distance chart represents an bird's eye view of our different machine options with the snow machines placed indoors at 30 feet from ground with unobstructed air flow. The chart to the right shows the higher the special effect snow machine is placed the further the distance and and wider coverage at 15'- 20'- 25' - 30 feet.
You can see the V pattern that a T 1500 is producing going 50 foot outward by over 20 ft wide each. Like the chart above and below.
snowmasters chart for snow coverage
Green - Snowwizard/ Blue T-1000 - T-1100 -T 1600/Purple T- 1500 Mini,Max/ Red T- 5000
Theatrical snow machines offer the look of real snow without the mess, discomfort or expense that would be involved with producing real snow. Mount the snow machine above the area where you want the snow either on truss a tripod or our floor mounted snow machine. You can always point the machine the up into the air at a 45% angle. The reason for this is very simple, natural snow falls straight from the sky to the ground. With the exception of blizzard conditions, snow doesn't usually swirl up from the ground and then fall back down.
fake snow machine long distance  height  chart

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