Monday, June 30, 2014

Evaporating fake snow machine rentals for falling snow effects Rent for Snow Shows & Snow FX - Snow for Events, TV, Film, Theme parks and Entertainment By

Zigmont Magic F/X  aka specializes in evaporative snow machines rentals.


Snow Shows & Snow FX Machines  Rentals  - Snow for Events, TV, Film, as see at theme parks we installed, Malls, private events and Entertainment Venues.

See the volume output differences



Magic FX has the world's most powerful artificial simulated evaporating faux snow machine systems with over a dozen different fake snow machine rental options. We offer a Turn-Key Services producing realistic Simulating (fake) Snowfall Events for Entertainment Venues, Shopping Malls, Corporate and City Events large & small Coast to Coast. Our fake snow is known as Evaporative Snow™ - a fast dissolving substance, leaving no residue, but creating authentic snow effects from a nice calm snowfall to a blizzard.

Snow Machine Options

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